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Transforming Tools for a World of Transformation

A new era is here! It is being heralded as a new paradigm in holistic healing. Based on the principles of Albert Einstein with its roots in the fundamentals of quantum physics, Tachyon presents us all with the tools needed to open the doors of transformation. Science and Spirituality are merging and the outcome will take us deeper into the expansion we are becoming.Tachyonized tools are changing lives globally, predictably and silently. It isn't just the unique forms of Tachyon therapy which have been embraced globally, nor is it the movement back towards a vertical enlightened state of being. But rather it is an emerging acceptance of the possibilities by scientist and spiritual leaders alike. A unity of intentions between the earth and her caretakers. The time has become ripe to redefine our existence and define that which is important to our hearts. Letting go of everything which stands as an obstacle to which we are becoming.

David Wagner